Volunteer Opportunities

Rivergrove Volunteer Opportunities

Summer-Fall 2013

The quality of life in Rivergrove is improved through the efforts of willing volunteers. Here are a few volunteer opportunities to consider. If they sound interesting to you, please contact our City Manager, Sheri Richards, at CityofRivergrove@yahoo.com .

Transportation Committee: This committee is working on a Transportation Plan for the City of Rivergrove. They have been gathering citizen input (the Transportation Survey) and will analyze it and draft a plan for Rivergrove’s roads, bridges, bike and pedestrian paths, mass transit, safety and road maintenance. The workload has been one evening meeting per month. This project is expected to continue through Fall 2013.

Emergency Preparedness: If you are interested in working on details of an emergency preparedness plan for the city, your help is certainly welcome. Much of this can be accomplished at home, with some infrequent meetings.

Rivergrove Ordinance Revision: This committee will analyze our existing ordinances, make recommendations for change, and continue to transfer our existing land use ordinances to an updated format.

Heritage Park Planning: Work with our parks designer and manager to develop the new Heritage Park—planning walking paths, seating, a nature play area.

Rivergrove History: Our city’s history may be lost if steps are not taken to record it, while some of our city founders are still living here. In Fall 2013, we will need volunteers interested in interviewing those who have played a role in nurturing our city over the years, and in collecting photos and information for this project.